Current Events

Current Events is one of the four Continental Agendas. Current events focuses on the regional updates and how each VSA is contributing to making an event better. Current Event highlights what each region is doing and to provide resources to help contribute to the success of events. With Current Events we are looking for volunteers who would like to express more interest in informational meetings and webcasts for students to listen to other leadership stuff.

Cultural Resources

The CRC exists to provide tools for the UNAVSA community members in order to share and learn more about the Vietnamese culture. We have focused our energy on three projects: the cultural resource database, cultural educational videos, and online language courses. UNAVSA members will have access to online materials from one centralized digital location, ranging from cultural dance videos to printed history pamphlets. The CRC will be responsible for producing educational videos on a range of topics that are pertinent to the Vietnamese culture. In addition, the CRC will be providing UNAVSA members free Vietnamese online language classes for both beginner and intermediate skill levels.

Leadership Development

How do we prevent our leaders from reinventing the wheel? How do we develop UNAVSA’s digital leadership resources to have lasting use on a national scale? How can we leverage to help distribute tutorials, videos, and curated resources? These are the central questions that the Leadership Development Committee(LDC) have started to work on. Its is our goal to help turn the vsacademy into the “ for VSA and Vietnamese American leaders of tomorrow”!

Health Disparities

The goal of the HDC is to raise awareness on the health issues within the Vietnamese-American community, as well as provide resources to educate members on the various health-related information. Educating members on the health disparities serve for the purpose of working together to advance the interests of Vietnamese youth in order to build a stronger Vietnamese community at home and abroad. Fun fact sheets and videos are produced monthly through social media to raise awareness of various kinds of health disparities from within the Vietnamese American community.




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