The Leadership Development Committee, focuses on gathering leadership, organizational, and team building resources in order to redistribute them throughout all of the regions.

Lets put things into perspective. UNAVSA consist of 12 Regions. Stretching from the west coast to the east coast. Go as far cold as Canada and as far warm as Texas and Florida. Each of these regions has a special resource. Resources relating to how to create your first general body meeting, how to budget your VSA, how to start your own sports tournament to creating your own family program.  And the list continues on.

Now here is the challenge we are facing, many of these VSAs from these 12 regions are doing the same events and activities. However, the resources are not documented, archived, or saved properly.

Lets take the Gulf Coast for example. Please note that this is only a fictional example. The Gulf Coast consist of approximately 12 student organizations. Many of these resources are not being fully utilized by one school to the next. In addition, resources are not archived in order to pass down to future student leaders. All the files, documents, and videos are scattered everywhere and fall into an abyss of “lost files”.

This is where the LDC comes in, our goal is to gather all of these resources and centralize it all into one hub. Creating tutorials on the basic and advance operations of an organization. Every region has a unique specialized event that they successfully execute year after year. We want to gather those resources and build these tutorials for access to you all.

So far we have a handful of tutorials on but it has a lot more room for improvement

We want to give the regions a fighting chance to continue  the success from their previous year. Why waste time reinventing the wheel one year to the next? We want you to focus on how you can build a better foundation rather than starting from scratch.

How can you contribute?
On average, each region consist of approximately 12 schools and multiply that by 12 regions. At minimum! That is already 144 schools in 12 different regions we would have to outreach to. We simply need more manpower.

We are looking for individuals like yourself. A team of people that can contribute to the success of others.

Skills include the following but are not limited to.

graphic designer (someone who can visually make these tutorials more appealing for the public )
A video editor / wordpress editor (for the video version of tutorials and maintenance of the website)
A linguist (a person who is good with words & assist in the revision of the grammar and word choice of the tutorials)
An archivist (a team to outreach to all of 12 regions to gather templates, documents, & notes to bring to the LDC)

If you are unable to join the Leadership Development Committee, but you would like to still contribute. You may still submit a tutorial from your very own organization.



Resources and Articles

Why a constitution is needed? A constitution is a founding document that provides a clear outline of the structure and mission of the organization and provides a basic set of rules that will govern the group. Its intent is to provide consistent leadership for the organization as it will be passed on to future officers….