Health Disparities: Get The MEMO

In honor of National Hepatitis B Awareness Month, help UNAVSA CPP Campaign by spreading the awareness of Hepatitis B for their Get the MEMO Campaign in support of Medical, Educational Missions and Outreach (MEMO)’s Hepatitis B Project. The project’s goal is to prevail Hepatitis B via preventions, vaccinations, and treatments.

UNAVSA CPP needs YOUR help to raise awareness of the disease so that our communities as a whole can continue leading healthier lives. Here are some ways you can contribute to this campaign:

WATCH and share this video amongst your friends. We are hoping to reach 2000+ views!

SHARE this fun fact sheet to your friends, family, VSA, UVSA, and etc:

POST a picture of yourself holding a sign stating a Hepatitis B fact that you would like to share on to UNAVSA CPP Campaign’s Get the MEMO Facebook Event Page: You can download the sign here:

If you have Instagram, share your picture on there and tag it: #GetTheMEMOCampaign. Don’t forget to follow and tag us: @UNAVSACPP

EDUCATE your peers about Hepatitis B. The best way to spread awareness is through word of mouth. A simple way to learn the disease is to remember the mnemonic HBV’S:
H: Healthy but at risk
B: Birth, Blood, and Sex
V: Vaccination
S: Screening