CRC aims to create a cultural resources database that is easily accessible to anyone who is interested in learning and sharing the Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American culture.

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Resources and Articles

Ever wanted to learn how to make a simple Vietnamese dish? Well, our trusty chef here, Minh Lai will be teaching you how to make Banh Xeo or also known as a sizzling cake. Ingredients: Filling: Pork Shrimp Onion Bean Sprouts Seasoning: Fish Sauce Salt Pepper Batter: Coconut Milk Water or Beer Green Onions Package…

Vietnamese Food. You’re probably thinking about Pho huh? Admit it, you are! But don’t worry, it’s not your fault. Vietnamese food has deep and wide range of dishes. So expand your horizon, impress your friends, and prepare your taste buds because we here at the Cultural Resource Committee have provided you with a video on…

Have you ever wondered what Vietnamese people traditionally wear? Over the centuries, the Vietnamese fashion had evolved into many different kinds of styles. Each region in Vietnam is so diverse that they actually don’t wear the same costume throughout the country. This video will show you how the Vietnamese fashion is incorporated into the Vietnamese culture. We…

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